Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween, world...

this afternoon, we went to the trunk-or-treat at grammy & pappy's church. pappy had his motorbike (that's what we call it) in the trunk-or-treat line-up, so i sat on it for a while. i also saw my friend ivey from school -- she & i were born in the same hospital on the same day! and check out my wings... once i got them on, they didn't bother me at all!

i know the picture of me on the ground is confusing, but i promise, i am not having a fit! i am actually saying "awww awww" and trying to hug the blue concrete. i know, i am a little silly! we also went on a hayride & that was lots of fun. then i got flowers painted on my hands -- i LOVED them & kept making my squealing sound that means "flowers."

then i played in the bouncy house -- and oh yeah... i got a little bit of candy too! honestly, i don't care that much about the candy. and mommy says that's ok with her!

let the halloween festivities begin...

we started our halloween celebration on saturday. in the morning we went to a sunday school party at a park. i was a little anti-social, and i would NOT wear my costume. but i played with the other children a little bit. i was very excited to get to eat a cookie!

then we went home and did a bit of decorating because some friends came over for trick-or-treating on saturday night. just look at all the pumpkins!!

mommy said she was so proud of me for wearing my princess dress! grammy did a great job on making it, didn't she? (there are wings that go with it, but she thought we'd try those on sunday night!) then i went trick-or-treating with my friend owen. his parents brought this neat wagon so we didn't get so tired from all the walking. unfortunately, the batteries in mommy's camera were dead, so we did not take many pictures with our camera. BUT mrs. jessica took pictures with her camera & we hope to get those on the blog soon.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

another happy day...

nothing special here... just a few shots from my outside playtime this afternoon. the weather is getting cooler here, so maybe i can put away my summer clothes soon.

i am still enjoying the pumpkin patch that daddy created. the "warty" pumpkins are definitely my favorites.

in this bottom picture, i am practicing running at the word "go" -- mommy says "1,2,3, GO!" and then we RuN!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

good night, sleep tight...

i have a BiG girl bed!! for the last few weeks, i have been very upset to go in my crib. many nights, mommy has laid with me on the couch until i fall asleep, then she would put me in the crib. mommy & daddy figured it was time for me to get a real bed.
we got a new mattress & box springs, but the bed frame belonged to mommy when she was a little girl. it looks a little rough right now because we are trying to decide if we are going to paint the headboard & we also need to choose bedding. but this will do for now. we will ALL sleep well tonight!

pics from my day with grammy...

on tuesday i stayed with grammy & pappy. i still love this doll at their house. the doll used to have her hair up in buns, but grammy had to take it down because i was playing with the pins from her hair! grammy has pretty much finished my halloween costume -- i am going to be a fairy princess. i am using the fairy wings that aunt judy gave to me this summer & then grammy made my dress. here's a sneak-peek!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

quick pix...

we're running late for school, so this is just a quick post of pictures from last night of me playing my dora guitar & dancing...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

a little randomness for your day...

these are a few random shots from the past week. in the first pic, i am playing with my new disney princess cell phone. the next picture is of this wooden animal decoration that grammy keeps on the back porch. i like to look at it & talk about the animals.

one night this week, when mommy & i got home from grammy & pappy's house, mommy went in the next room for just a minute. when she came back, i was sitting at the bar, eating cheerios, even though it was my bedtime! the next pic is of me with my spelling power wand & i am also wearing my princess jewelry. lately, i enjoy looking through grammy's jewelry & i have chosen these two necklaces as favorites.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

more fun at the patch...

here are some more pics & a video from our day at the pumpkin patch. my definite favorite was the bungee jump -- that's right! the BuNGeE JumP! what activity could be more perfect for a little girl who was always a jumper, right from the start? and notice that my new eagle beanie-baby even did the flying with me!


i also got to play in the bouncy house (it was just me & another 2-year old; no older rowdy kids!) and i also got to climb on & play in the hay. we ate lunch at the farm too. lately, i have been carrying this little eagle almost as much as i carry my ducky. eagle came with me to pretty much ALL of the pumpkin patch activities. he & i both needed baths by the end of everything! it was a perfect day!

the great pumpkin patch...

on wednesday we went to the great pumpkin patch in hayden, alabama. my great-grandma brandt, uncle rodney, aunt mary ann & grammy got to come with us too. WoW! i think this was the most fun i have had in a really long time. here are a few of the things i got to do: ride the wagon, choose a pumpkin, talk to animals & ride a PoNY!! mommy says we will have to finish the rest of this story during normal waking hours tomorrow! but i was so excited, i just had to share at least some of it right NoW!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

our own punkin patch...

daddy came up with a neat idea to make our very own pumpkin patch in the flower bed in the front yard. he brought home lots of gourds & pumpkins and put them amongst the plants that were growing. i love my punkins!