Sunday, September 25, 2011

more music...

here i am, singing and playing the xylophone that grammymommie gave me for christmas last year!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

the bicycle song...

some time ago, grammy checked out a music video for me from the library. i fell in LOVE with this music video. she has since purchased a copy for us to keep at her house. the video teaches about playing the piano & it shows right-hand finger numbers and left-hand finger numbers. i talk about the finger numbers a lot & i often sing the simple songs from this DVD.

one of the songs is called "the bicycle song." it goes like this: C-D-E-F-G-G-G and the words are "riding on my bicycle." on wednesday afternoon when we returned from the mcwane center, i was playing at the piano as i often do. without being prompted, i began to play & sing "the bicycle song." so on thursday afternoon, i gave a little concert & mommy made these videos of my performance.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"you want go na mcwane center..."

this morning we started off slowly, just hanging out around the house & doing a few chores. we didn't seem to have a plan for the day, so i asked mommy, "you want go na mcwane center?" so, yes, off we went to the mcwane center...

my favorite part of the sea exhibit is always the moon jellies, but they don't photograph very well. but today i also enjoyed this fresh water turtle. i followed his swimming around that tank for quite a while.

i guess the museum is in the process of putting together a new exhibit, because all of my "fields" favorites had been removed from the third floor area. so we spent time doing the old stand-by stuff like the sand box & building blocks. they have brought the mini putt-putt course back. mommy tried to show me how to putt, but i was not interested in that aspect of the game. i was more interested in lining up my golf balls so that they resembled planets. and i even designated each ball as a different planet or star.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

a lazy sunday...

we all just did a lot of relaxing today, which is good since i am not totally over my infection. here, you can see me helping daddy to play a song on the piano. later mommy & i visited a different playground after our errands. this playground is actually at the ball park behind grammy & pappy's house, but we but we just have not been to it very often. i have been feeling better & i am singing songs & running around just like always. i just get tired a little bit faster than usual. thank goodness i am feeling better!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

a light at the end of my tunnel...

i have been on my antibiotic for about 2&1/2 days now. i really do NOT like my medicine so mommy & daddy have to hold me down while they give it to me. mommy tried mixing it in with my milk or dinner, but i am too smart for her. but i am definitely feeling better. on friday afternoon, i passed out in the den floor on this little pallet that daddy made for me. zoom on the picture & you'll be able to see how sweaty i was... so maybe the fever was breaking.

Friday, September 16, 2011

a visit to the doctor...

i started getting sick on monday morning, but it was just a little coughing. when grammy picked me up from school on tuesday afternoon, i had a fever of 101.1. on wednesday, mommy & i just stayed around the house & i did act like i felt better. but on thursday morning, i still had a fever so i couldn't go to school. well, you know what they say... if you're too sick for school, then you need to go to the doctor. so that's what we did. mommy used my 1-2-3-4 chart to warn me of what was going on & i accepted the visit much more easily this time. i still didn't enjoy it, but at least only mommy had to hold me, rather than 3 people holding me like what has been necessary in the past.

we actually saw the nurse practitioner, ms spence & i like her a lot. she swabbed my throat & told mommy that i have strep! *yuck!* but we played with play-doh & my duck puppet. and when my nurse came in, i ReALLy liked her "purple hands." mommy decided to get pictures of these new friends so that they can be on my "board" when ever we have to go again.

mommy did make me get my flu shot. i was NOT happy about that. but at least i will not have to go to the doctor again any time soon. (let's hope!!) after all of that we went to grammy's house & i watched videos & napped pretty much ALL afternoon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

i went to see grammymommie...

this weekend we went to grammymommie at her new home at morningside in tuscumbia. grammymommie has a special chair that also helps her to walk. i enjoyed taking rides on the special chair. one day we went out to the courtyard & grammymommie picked these pink flowers for me off of a crape myrtle.

i made up a silly game of lifting up the pink flowers & laughing. i also enjoyed going up to the flowers that were still on the trees & shaking them so that they fell off onto the ground.

we ate most of our meals at morningside. they have delicious food (even peanut-butter & jelly sandwiches for me!) but of course my favorite part was the DeSSerTs!! in these pictures, you can see me eating ice cream on a stick. i have never experienced such tastiness!!

mommy, daddy & i stayed back at grammymommie's house & did chores & errands. there is a huge bradford pear tree in the front yard & i loved running around it.

one of my current favorite books talks about the leaves on the trees, and for some reason this tree really reminds me of that book.

also notice that i have lots of toys with me, even for just running around the tree. it's getting a little awkward to carry them all, but i don't care. i just have to have them all with me. we had so much fun visiting with grammymommie & i can't wait to go back.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

my thursday...

my day started off with school. at first i was sad when mommy left me, but by the time 5 minutes had passed, i was already settled and happy. we painted a green frog with "magic paint" (paint that washes off without soap.) maybe i can bring the frog home next week -- he was still drying today. so all of these pictures were taken after mommy brought me home from school. i enjoy playing with my mr. potato head accessories such as the purse & these black glasses. i think i am pretty funny. then i took in a little light reading (actually, these are instructions to one of my toys & there are really neat pictures on the other page - you just can't see them in this photo.)

i ate a pretty good dinner tonight. i had milk, blueberries, grapes, yogurt & a nutella sandwich. i did not have a nap this afternoon, so i was a bit giddy during dinner.

we also played outside since the weather was so nice. mommy blew bubbles for me & i chased them. unfortunately, it is impossible to catch both bubbles AND me in picture. as i was chasing my bubbles, i was singing "rick & bubble, rick & bubble. rick & bubble's in the house!" can you guess what radio show that mommy & i listen to in the car??

and here i am with my noah's ark animals. mommy & i took turns pairing up the animals together. but i really didn't want them to go aboard that boat. oh well... thank goodness i wasn't in control of the REAL noah's ark.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a visit to the mcwane center...

this first pic is of me just after i finished a "thomas the train" puzzle. i was so proud! i had to share it because you can see i was SOOO happy.

mommy, daddy, and i were all three at home today with nothing special planned. so we went to the mcwane center in downtown birmingham. it is always fun to go there, but it was really great today now that all the bigger kids are back in school. there were not very many people there & most of the children were my or younger. i actually played in the 2-year old area for a while, but there was only one other little boy there, and we got along pretty well. we jumped in these "pools" and pretended to splash around. we also played with trains.

the dinosaur dig site is still there, so i worked on that for a little while. but i really enjoyed the big blue blocks (and so did mommy & daddy!) last time we went to mcwane, i wanted to build with these blocks, but the older kids were too rowdy & fast for me play in that area. today i had the blocks pretty much all to myself. mommy & daddy created a track and i rolled the balls down the hills. we had SO much fun & i took a great nap this afternoon!

Monday, September 5, 2011

listen up...

daddy has these special headphones that he uses when does music stuff on the computer. when he tried them on me at first, i was a little scared. but now i love them -- and i i wear them even when they are not hooked up to the computer. (in fact it is BEST if they are not hooked up because i sing & dance around so much!)

this morning i wore the headphones & sang "the wheels on the bus go 'round & 'round."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

everyone deserves a good education...

for a while now, we have been working on increasing my imaginary play-skills. since i am so fond of letters, numbers & shapes, it makes sense that i would also enjoy playing "school." i have started putting people on the school bus & sometimes i even make the bus ride to another spot in the room, when mommy encourages me to do so. but i also have a little school house. one day mommy overheard me saying, "you want neese birds to go to na school?" and you can see here that i made sure all my bird friends had access to my school.