Thursday, May 24, 2012

a different kind of busy wednesday...

for the past several months, my wednesdays have been VeRy BuSy with school, speech & OT, a visit to grammy's house, & sometimes even church. whew! well, this wednesday was different! we were busy relaxing! i did some painting & stickers in the morning.
i played with my new farm book from aunt lorna. then we had lunch & we also took a field trip to hobby lobby -- i love to look at the fabrics.
when we returned home, i played outside before dinner. the weather was perfect!!
after dinner, i wanted to put together a marble track. mommy set it all up & then i dropped the marbles in the top cups as it all got taller & taller!
as you can imagine, i was quite tired at the end of this day!! and this is how i like to sleep -- with all my "good things!!"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a BusY weekend...

last weekend we went to tuscumbia to see grandmommie. i also got to play a game of checkers with aunt pauline. i enjoyed walking around the courtyard & inspecting the trees & flowers too.
then we went to nashville to see aunt lorna & uncle gene. we went to the renaissance festival & everyone was surprised at how patient i was & how well i behaved.
there were a LoT of people there & we had to stand in line to even enter the festival. but i handled the crowds very well & did a good job of following directions from mommy & daddy. we got to see all sorts of neat costumes & we listened to music & ate interesting food!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

wrapping up the end of the year...

wednesdays are always busy days, but today was a little sad too. this was my last day of school at saint mark's MDO program with mrs. carol & mrs. tina. they have been SuCH wonderful & patient teachers to me. they have worked with me to overcome all sorts of obstacles. next year i will be attending the program at riverchase UMC. today we watched the kindergarteners' play about the 3 little piggies. i cannot believe this school year has already passed! a big THaNK YoU goes out to mrs. tina & mrs. carol!!
after mommy picked me up from school, we played in the courtyard for a few minutes. it was such a beautiful day to enjoy the flowers & sunshine.
here are the trains to which i have become quite attached. these trains are from the mexican train dominoes game, but i have claimed them as my own. i take them with me everywhere but school, so mommy is always sure to return them to me when she picks me up from school.
then we went to see mrs. lynsey at childsplay therapy. mrs. lynsey has been my speech therapist for about a year & a half. we are taking a break from therapies during the summer anyway, but this was my VeRY last time to see mrs. lynsey. she will be moving away this summer so i will have a new therapist in the fall. mrs. lynsey was my first therapist & she was the first one to show us about picture schedules. (my schedule helps a LOT when i am dealing with transitions or uncomfortable situations.) a big THanK YoU!! to mrs. lynsey!!
then we went to grammy & pappy's house & i got to play at my own private beach. aren't you jealous of my "private beach?" i think it's perfect!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a haircut & the rewards...

my day started with an attempted haircut. for a while now, mommy has been thinking that my hair needed to be shaped up a little. so she told me we'd go for a haircut, then go to the zoo as my reward. we have no pictures of the haircut because it was not exactly successful. i should say -- it was not a total failure -- at least the hairdresser did not injure me, mommy or herself with the scissors! i was *pretty* wiggly & upset by the end of the ordeal. perhaps we will try another hairdresser later. (mommy did a little research afterward... hindsight is 20/20.)
so here i am riding the train at our birmingham zoo. the second train picture is me saying "all aboard!" during my haircut, it calmed me down for a minute to practice saying, "1,2,3, all aboard!"
the zoo was very busy today because several school groups were visiting. so we did see the animals, but picture-taking was somewhat difficult. we did come across this real kookaburra! (you know mommy used to sing that kookaburra song to me, but we've never really known what a kookaburra was!) well now we have seen a real one!
then we went to the fountains! my FaVoRiTe!! well, you can just look at the pictures & see that for yourself!

Friday, May 11, 2012

worn slap-out...

here i am in my carseat after we pulled into the garage at home on friday night. i did not take a nap at grammy's house today, so i was very tired when mommy came to get me. i played in my new sandbox today -- i like to call it my own "beach." and i like to wear this beachy hat when i play in the sand. i enjoyed the hat so much, that i wanted to bring it home with me tonight.

Friday, May 4, 2012

a night of train stuff...

when i got home on thursday night, i wanted to play with my play-doh. i started out with just pink & green, but i continued asking mommy for more & more colors! then i made a play-doh train & i put all sorts of cargo & passengers on the train. my two whales were the engineers at the front of the train. i was quite proud of this workk!
then i wanted to put together my alphabet train puzzle. this puzzle is really long & goes from one end of the den to the other end of the den, when it is completed. when i finished this train, i loaded it up with passengers & cargo as well. mommy helped me put some of my loopsy dolls on the train, but she wasn't very careful to have them sitting forward. i made sure to correct her so that all the loopsies were sitting UP & facing ForWarD on the train.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

my busy wednesday...

wednesdays are always busy days... i went to school this morning, then to grammy & pappy's house for a few minutes, then to speech & OT. i fell asleep on the way home & napped for about 1&1/2 hours. i am getting so that i really don't need a nap, and if i happen to take a nap, i won't go to sleep at night until very late (even 11 pm or midnight!) so when i woke up from the unplanned nap, mommy & i went outside to play, in hopes that i would play really hard & wear myself out again!
i love this little ice cream cone -- it has bubbles in it. but today i just wanted to walk around with it & pretend like my dolphin was eating ice cream.
this umbrella goes with my sand & water table. but i like to walk around with it & twirl it. (maybe i'll be a majorette!!) today i gathered up my bag of beach toys & pretended to go on another "trip!"
here are some inside-playtime pics... i love to wear daddy's sunglasses. i look like MoVie-StAR!!