Wednesday, September 26, 2012

cut it out...

my teacher mrs susan has requested that i work on using scissors at home. usually when mommy tries to work on cutting with me, i get tired & we only cut about 2 lines. tonight i asked mommy if we could cut out sea creatures on the cricut machine. so we used this as an opportunity for scissors practice. most of mommy's papers are the 12x12 size & that is too big to fit in the cricut machine. so i had a lot of cutting to do to make those papers fit! in this first picture, you can see me flipping through the book of cricut choices.
i even have special scissors that pop back open after each cut. this makes it a little bit easier for me to learn. i'd cut papers, then i'd cut some shapes on the cricut, then i'd play a little... i did all of this for an hour before dinner & an hour after dinner too! and i didn't complain about the scissors even once!
sometimes i would sit in mommy's lap so she could help me cut. she drew lines on the papers for me to cut along.
i also enjoyed pressing all the buttons on the cricut and i liked to watch it make the cuts. it was so exciting to watch my sea creatures come to life!
these are the sea creatures that we made. i decided not to glue them on a picture because i like to move them around & let them "play" together.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

randomness from monday & tuesday...

i still enjoy pulling out all of mommy's utensils & making a fine mess in the kitchen. i like to wear the jar-openers as hats & make designs on the floor with them.
also, i am still pretty in-love with tractors, especially john deere. mommy recently finished this john deere applique shirt to match the pants that she made back in the spring. i LoVe this outfit (that makes mommy just a LiTTle biT proud!) in fact, i even wore these clothes to bed last night!! (this just wasn't a battle that mommy felt like fighting!)
on tuesday evening we tried to soak up a last bit of summer -- although it is already pretty cool. i played noah's ark out in our driveway.
please excuse the construction-mess in our backyard. our chimney was in need of some repair & the workmen aren't quite finished yet. and here i am, hamming it up for the camera...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

back at mcwane...

on tuesday, daddy & i went to the mcwane center. we had not been in quite some time. i fell in LOvE with the 'dora the explorer' exhibit so mommy took me back again today. unfortunately, tuesday must have been the last day for dora... the exhibit was already loaded up & they were setting up the next one. but we still had a LoT of fun...
i got to play with my cookie wheels again. these circles spin around & around & you can put sprinkly things on them. then you make designs in the sprinkles & it looks like a spiral.
i also played with these spikey-boards that you can push your face & hands into. they are just like a toy that i call "red & blue grass" that is at my new school. well, actually, i played with the red & blue grass on my very 1st day of school. but mrs. susan realized that it could become a barrier to interacting with other children, so she removed it from our room. i was very glad to get to play with some red & blue grass again!
and much to mommy's surprise... i actually EnJoYeD sharing the grass with a little boy!! we played together wonderfully!
the mcwane center also has several aquariums & a touch-tank. then we went to the IMAX film, which was also about fish!! it was really about barrier reefs & all the lifeforms that dwell within.
we ate lunch in the mcwane lunchroom & mommy worked on some self-help skills with me. since there is only one teacher for my class this year, i have to do more for myself (but this is a good thing!) so mommy & i worked on opening my lunchbox & figuring out which containers to open first. i did a really good job!

everything comes through the post office...

one of my favorite books to read is entitled "stork spills the beans." stork is the postmaster in the town of sweet pickles. in this particular book, he give a dissertation on all of the things that are delivered through the post office. this has really sparked my interest in how the postal system works. (i know... there could be a joke here, but our local post office is pretty friendly & fast!)
i have a little toy mailbox that sings songs. here you can see that my beanie babies are working to deliver the mail -- and sometimes they even deliver themSELVES in the mail!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

my ice cream shop...

i am enjoying my new zhu-zhu pet ice cream shop that grammymommie gave to me for my birthday. the hamsters work in the shop & they serve ice cream to all of my beanie baby birds.

Friday, September 7, 2012

meeting the dentist...

i have just realized that i never shared these pictures on the blog. a few weeks ago, daddy had to go to the dentist for his check-up. mommy & i tagged along so that i could meet ms jenny & dr gonzalez. i enjoyed looking at all of their dental tools & i tried on a set of blue gloves. then they let me look through the prize box & they even gave me a toothbrush!
they even gave me this neat little "hat" -- or at least that is what i am going to call it! i wore it for several hours, including a trip to the grocery store!