Saturday, October 20, 2012

fun on the farm...

on friday, we visited a new pumpkin patch in harpersville, alabama. of course the pumpkin patch itself was neat, but old baker farm is a live, functioning farm! so we got to enjoy other things too.
i got to experience REAL cotton, growing on the bush. daddy & i talked about how grammymommie picked cotton when she was a little girl. i liked to look at the cotton, but i was somewhat skittish of touching it!
i enjoyed running through (and OveR!) the hay maze. it was a little itchy, but i was having so much fun that i tried to ignore that. just look at the photos below here & you'll see what i mean!!
we took a hay-ride behind a john deere tractor to get to the actual pumpkin patch. we searched & searched for the perfect pumpkins -- this farm had some really unique choices! during much of my pumpkin search, i also inspected the prickleberry things that seemed to be EvERYwhERE!!
when we finished choosing our pumpkins, the tractor drove us back to the field where everyone had parked so that we could unload our treasures. then mommy, daddy & i took a little jog though the corn maze. we tried to take pictures, but i was SO excited & running so fast -- mommy & daddy were afraid they might lose me. the corn maze was defnitely FuN, but just not a good photo op!!
WoW! i was so tired when we finished our visit to old baker farm. and i am already requesting to go back again soon!

Friday, October 19, 2012

my world of academia...

this week at school we learned about firemen. we learned about their special clothes and special jobs. my teacher gave us all a fire chief hat which i really like.
at home we've also continued in cutting, gluing & coloring practice. here's one of my latest art projects...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

down at the patch...

we visited the saint mark pumpkin patch earlier this week. i helped mommy pick out LOTS of pumpkins!!
the men working at the patch even gave me some squishy animal toys. while i was there, i played with all the toys, even the ones that i could not bring home with me. in the picture above, you might notice the blue whale in my hand. he helped me with the pumpkin selection process.
when we returned home, my new squishy whale & star helped daddy & me to move all the pumpkins to our front steps. i am a GReAT helper!!
there are SoOoOo many pumpkins!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

game night...

on saturday night, grammy & pappy came to our house for a game of dominoes. i greeted them in the driveway as i was drawing with my sidewalk chalk.
after i ate my dinner, i was very happy to eat some cake that grammy brought for us!! mmm! it was carrot cake -- i can't say that i liked the CaKe, but i loved the icing & the cute carrot that decorated the top!
before they got into their dominoes game, i had a little game time myself. here, you can see mommy teaching grammy how to play "farm families." you pick a momma animal & have to figure out under which haystack her baby is hiding. i am learning how to take turns. it is NoT always easy!!
then daddy helped us to set up a game of princess matching. there are ten different kinds of disney princess cards. we put one of each card on the table. then grammy & i took turns at matching our next card to a princess.
this game had no real winner -- unless you consider ME the winner because i did such a good job of taking turns with grammy!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

more cricut fun...

we try to work on scissors & other hand-strengthening activities at least every other day or so... so here's the same story, different day, different pictures...
and i ReFuSE to pose for the camera -- and i certainly will not hold up my artwork long enough for mommy to get a picture of me AnD the artwork at the same time. so you can see below -- this was the best face-shot mommy could get!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

monday monday...

here are some pictures from monday this week. i am just now getting a chance to post them. we continue to practice my use of the scissors. mommy colored the "waves" blue to motivate me to cut them.
then i had fun gluing some pirate ships in the ocean water. i also put a few "pirates" in each ship. you can see my completed work a few pictures below here.
i had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich with peaches for dinner. i still don't really eat too much meat. but at least i like the peanut butter, right?
following dinner, we went for a little night-time stroll. mommy, daddy & i have done this for a few nights during the past week. it gets dark so early now, but we still want to be outside!
and here are my dora pirate ships!! you can also see that we made some more critters on mommy's cricut machine. i *really* enjoy using the cricut! and now these little paper critters come everywhere with me -- even to bed!

Monday, October 8, 2012

playing with my babies...

mommy recently went to a big consignment sale. she found a bag of dollhouse stuff that was all taped up & she couldn't really tell what was inside. but it was only $5 and it was definitely worth that amount, just from the few things that were clearly visible. i have really been enjoying these "new" items. among my faves are a bathtub, 3 little babies, a changing table & some ducks. i have been playing with these new toys in my dora dollhouse & also with my polly-pocket dolls. you can see below that i like to put the babies to bed. i told mommy that the babies like to sleep with the whales & ducks.