Monday, June 22, 2015

lunch in decatur...

on sunday, we met with my aunt judy, uncle craig, aunt lorna, uncle gene & my cousin matt. we ate lunch at a barbeque restaurant. then we went to a park with a splash pad!! everyone else was SUPER HOT -- but not me! i had SO much fun!!!

chickity cakes...

i got a peppa pig spring book from aunt judy. and take a guess... IT SAID MAKE CHICK CUPCAKES!!!! what we used are:12 mini cupcakes 8oz vanilla frosting candy pearls orange candy melts. we didn't use fondant today because fondant tastes GROSS! here is a picture of the chick cakes i made. we are also taking some of the cupcakes to church to share. but i AM keeping the 3 i made.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

the dog in the house...

i was putting on my pj pants & underwear when daddy called mommy. he was calling her because he had a DOG in the house!!! the dog's name was gus. daddy said: i've got a dog in the house. i looked at gus. he was a bit confused and startled me. i ran to mommy and daddy's shower and told her that a dog got in the house. mommy thought that i meant my plushy pup skye. it was not really skye. it was a yellow lab dog named gus. i STILL did not put on my shirt. we went into mommy and daddy's closet to put my shirt on. and we were on the back porch and gus had a phone number on his collar and it said his name. daddy called the phone number. a lady answered, and the lady picked gus up. now we have no more dogs! just my plush skye.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

happy birthday to marielis!!

last fall, we went to see the veggie tales show. afterward, we visited the World Vision booth & decided to sponsor a little girl named marielis. she lives in the dominican republic. her 10th birthday is in september. we have to send the card NOW because it will take so long for any mail to reach her village. mommy & i worked together to make this special card for her. i used the cricut machine & chose all the stickers myself.