Saturday, June 24, 2017

More Results of Phone Clean-Up...

I am continuing to clean out my e-mail & all my phone pictures.  I thought these were some fun photos from a day that Daddy & I joined MK at school for lunch.  

It was "Super Heroes" Day -- in honor of a classmate 
who is a Type I Diabetic.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Moana Hair Fun...

MK wanted "Moana Hair" earlier this week.  So after her bath, we braided her hair & she slept with it in braids.  We think it turned out LOVELY!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Electrical Water Pageant Lego Set...

MK was excited about the water pageant that we saw at Disney World, so she made a LEGO set. There are 8 different animals there.

I really liked the sea dragon the best. I like EVERYTHING about him-the scales, the tongue, the tail, EVERYTHING! MK was so creative on making this one.
The whale- another favorite.The whale and the turtle (the next one) have something in them. MK used little clear blue bits to store water in the whale. The whale is a she, by the way.
MK has already told you, the turtle is the only other one that has something in it. I like the turtle because of the details on her shell. The object in the turtle is fish and sea plants.
MK has told me the octopus was very difficult to make. So she TRIED to use all reds, because that was the color the octopus was in the light show. She also used two chairs for some of his legs. Good job, MK!
The dolphins were the very first ones to be made by MK, but the dolphins themselves weren't built.
The dinosaur is Joey's favorite because of the song, "Open the door, on the floor, Everybody walk the dinosaur" and I like it because of the leaves he's eating.
I am GLAD the crocodile doesn't close all the way, because if so, he would eat me up!
The sea carriage was the last one. I like it because of the plan of Ariel's safety bar. She has a fin in this vrsion, and if your character has a  fin, then he/she won't work with the foot hold.
MK has been wanting to post this on LEGO for a set to be around, but we'll just see about this...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Great-Grandma Brandt...

Great-Grandma Brandt stayed for several weeks around the 2016 Christmas-time.  This is a picture taken in early January 2017.  We really enjoyed her extended visit.

Daddy's Birthday...

For her Daddy's birthday {3-9-17}, MK left clues all around the house.  Each clue had a character & a note that led to the next clue.  The final note was this great birthday card!  
(This was all HER idea!!)

Turkey Trot...

The Turkey Trot was in, ummm...... November 2016.  But here are the pictures!

Random Christmas Stuff...

So I'm cleaning out my emails & photos in my phone... Little by little, maybe I'll get caught up.  No fancy post here, but these are some pictures from Christmas 2016:

 MK had fun "fixing" everyone's hair.

 Kyle's family came to visit.  Madison & MK 
had so much fun together!

 We did a Lego Advent Calendar for MK for 2016.
She had to be super patient & wait to open each day's box.
Her elf, Lucky, was not quite so patient.


These pictures are from a month or two ago... MK's class made this cornstarch-stuff as a science project.  So we threw together a batch at home also!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Lego Friends Harry Potter Park Post...

This is so fun to show off, guys! The LEGO friends are going to a park with a Harry Potter theme. Above is a picture of Sleeping Beauty and Mia having a snack and the other is Andrea going down a slide. Below is Ariel and Ella on some plastic mandrake bars that were gray in the store and then painted green and then people put paper green leaves on them.To the right is the WHOLE park!
Livi, the star of the show, has been getting into some swinging lately. Livi is in the swing picture to the left, and Joy and Stephanie are on a roundabout. Joy is the girl with the red braid and Stephanie is the other girl.

This is a video of the whole park!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

School is in Session!!!

School has begun! We missed  "meet the teacher" day since we were at the beach during that time.So we went to the school on Monday morning and Ms. CC got a look around her classrooms. (She changes teachers this time--one for lessons & 2 more teachers for choice/free time.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Let's Swim!

I've mentioned in previous posts that we joined the YMCA this summer.  My main reason was to give MK an opportunity to learn to swim, although I'd have been content with just a little progress.  Well, I guess she doesn't call herself "Little Dolphin" for nothing!  This child is really SWIMMING!
MK insisted that she would never take swim lessons.  About 6 weeks ago, she was chatting with one of the lifeguards, CeCe.  They became fast friends & so we arranged "swim meets" with Miss CeCe.  MK was afraid at first, but CeCe coaxed her into deeper & deeper water, & she gained new skills all the time. 
The YMCA has a rule that anyone who hasn't passed the swim test must wear a red band to show that they aren't a strong swimmer.  A parent must always be within arm's reach of a "red" swimmer.  Green bands are awarded to those who pass the swim test, and they can swim without a parent in the pool.  MK said she wasn't interested in the green band, but CeCe gave her the swim test without MK realizing it!  Of course she passed & we were SuPeR proud!   
Usually when Joey & I take her swimming, she stays in the shallow end & doesn't even trust us to swim with her in the deep end.  But CeCe has given MK great confidence!  Yesterday MK & I were in the 8-foot section (with a kickboard) & she saw CeCe on the other side of the pool.  MK threw aside her kickboard & said, "I've got to go see Miss CeCe!"  And she swam across 2 lanes of the pool, just for the fun of it!