Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Great-Grandma Brandt...

Great-Grandma Brandt stayed for several weeks around the 2016 Christmas-time.  This is a picture taken in early January 2017.  We really enjoyed her extended visit.

Daddy's Birthday...

For her Daddy's birthday {3-9-17}, MK left clues all around the house.  Each clue had a character & a note that led to the next clue.  The final note was this great birthday card!  
(This was all HER idea!!)

Turkey Trot...

The Turkey Trot was in, ummm...... November 2016.  But here are the pictures!

Random Christmas Stuff...

So I'm cleaning out my emails & photos in my phone... Little by little, maybe I'll get caught up.  No fancy post here, but these are some pictures from Christmas 2016:

 MK had fun "fixing" everyone's hair.

 Kyle's family came to visit.  Madison & MK 
had so much fun together!

 We did a Lego Advent Calendar for MK for 2016.
She had to be super patient & wait to open each day's box.
Her elf, Lucky, was not quite so patient.


These pictures are from a month or two ago... MK's class made this cornstarch-stuff as a science project.  So we threw together a batch at home also!