Wednesday, August 17, 2016

School is in Session!!!

School has begun! We missed  "meet the teacher" day since we were at the beach during that time.So we went to the school on Monday morning and Ms. CC got a look around her classrooms. (She changes teachers this time--one for lessons & 2 more teachers for choice/free time.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Let's Swim!

I've mentioned in previous posts that we joined the YMCA this summer.  My main reason was to give MK an opportunity to learn to swim, although I'd have been content with just a little progress.  Well, I guess she doesn't call herself "Little Dolphin" for nothing!  This child is really SWIMMING!
MK insisted that she would never take swim lessons.  About 6 weeks ago, she was chatting with one of the lifeguards, CeCe.  They became fast friends & so we arranged "swim meets" with Miss CeCe.  MK was afraid at first, but CeCe coaxed her into deeper & deeper water, & she gained new skills all the time. 
The YMCA has a rule that anyone who hasn't passed the swim test must wear a red band to show that they aren't a strong swimmer.  A parent must always be within arm's reach of a "red" swimmer.  Green bands are awarded to those who pass the swim test, and they can swim without a parent in the pool.  MK said she wasn't interested in the green band, but CeCe gave her the swim test without MK realizing it!  Of course she passed & we were SuPeR proud!   
Usually when Joey & I take her swimming, she stays in the shallow end & doesn't even trust us to swim with her in the deep end.  But CeCe has given MK great confidence!  Yesterday MK & I were in the 8-foot section (with a kickboard) & she saw CeCe on the other side of the pool.  MK threw aside her kickboard & said, "I've got to go see Miss CeCe!"  And she swam across 2 lanes of the pool, just for the fun of it! 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

School is in Session!

School has begun!  We missed "meet the teacher" day since we were at the beach during that time.  So we went to the school on Monday morning & MK got a look around her classrooms.  (She changes teachers this year -- one teacher for math/science & another teacher for reading/social studies.)

MK was hesitant, but  then she saw this "Finding Dory" tissue box with a picture of Destiny on it.  This definitely helped her to know her classroom was a good one!

These are the best "1st Day" pictures that I could get!  She was still a bit nervous, but she tells us that she LOVES school!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Birthday Break!

Today IS Mary Kathryn's 8th birthday!  We are having her party next week, but we did a bit of celebrating today also.  I'll post more beachy pictures soon, but
I just HAD to make this birthday post!
 When MK woke up, she unwrapped a Lego set and this Destiny plushy (her favorite character from "Finding Dory.")  She & I went to church & her 
daddy had to go to work :(

 After church, MK and I made some cupcakes {and ATE several of them too!}
We will continue the party later on this week!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Just a Snapshot Post About Our Week...

We've been at Panama City Beach this week & it has been SuPeR BuSY!!!  Here are just a few pics, & more will be posted soon!