Thursday, June 30, 2016

VBS Update...

This has been a GREAT week of VBS for MK, and a huge thanks is due this sweet young lady, Carlye!!  Last night & this morning, MK has been yelling out, "Prepare the way for the LORD!"  And she was so excited for us to read the Bible story of Jesus calming the sea (Luke 8:22-25, yesterday's theme was 'God Calms.')  I am so thankful for Carlye teaching MK -- she definitely defeated the anxiety that she experienced on the first night!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Piano Memories...

     As I was cleaning out the camera in my phone tonight, I came across some piano practice video that I haven't gotten to share yet.  This is a song from a few months ago called "The Lonely Pine."  

     It is a short but pretty song & so I've always told MK she must play it at least twice when practicing.  She enjoys transposing songs from one key to another.  This song is written in the key of C in her lesson book.  In this video, she has transposed to the key of D & then to the key of E.  You can also hear her quietly comment, "sad, but beautiful..."

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Vacation Bible School, Day One...

MK is attending VBS at St Mark this week.  She was *extremely* nervous about going, but I insisted that she at least try it.  (I knew she'd have a blast if she'd only allow herself to do so!)  They started out in music time,
so of course that was a 'win.' 
But she still wasn't totally convinced.
Then Mrs. Carol (who just happened to be one of MK's St Mark preschool teachers!) had an assignment for MK:  There was this dolphin that needed someone to pay her a little attention during VBS. There are 2 dolphins. One dolphin is blue and her name is Sheen. The second one is grey, and his name is Milo. Milo and Sheen are a brother and sister dolphins and Mia found them near the Dolphin Cruiser. Carol thought MK was just the person for this job.  MK accepted this responsibility with great JOY!
Miss Carlye was also a great help to MK. 
She helped her with some crafts &
made her feel comfortable --
and MK definitely felt comfortable
by the end of the evening!

You can see that the theme is
rather beachy --
she can NOT wait to go back
for the rest of the week! 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Father's Day with Kelly's Family...

These pictures are actually from this past Monday when we spent some time with my parents for Father's Day.  We had lunch at Tip Top Grill in Bluff Park (YuM!)
After lunch, we took a quick walk
down to Lover's Leap
(just below Tip Top.) 
It was pretty hot,
so we didn't stay long! 
But it was a fun & different thing to do. 
MK had fun taking the pictures of
Mom, Daddy & me.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Father's Day in Huntsville!

For Father's Day Sunday, we traveled to Huntsville to see Joey's family.
We enjoyed a yummy fish fry (Thanks, Craig!) & an ice cream bar.
Matt's girlfriend, Stephanie brought along this virtual reality game.  MK *really* enjoyed this!  She got to "throw" planets.  She has been talking about it almost
nonstop since Sunday! 

 Judy planned this fun craft for everyone
to make flags from up-cycled blinds
that she glued together.
 It was a good day!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

the health fair...

Tonight we visited a health fair that was sponsored by St. Vincent's Hospital.  There was music, food, jumpy houses,
& even a BloodMobile!
Unfortunately, I do not have many great pictures because the evening was so busy.  We saw the BloodMobile, and I (Kelly) decided to give blood & show
MK that nurses aren't so scary.  
Joey {reluctantly} agreed to give blood too,
but then my iron was too low & I got turned down!  Joey gave anyway & MK was completely interested:
The staff were EXTREMELY patient & kind -- the screening nurse even let MK help with checking our blood pressures & temperatures.  They gave MK some gloves to play with & also let her squeeze all the different squeezy-balls.  She especially wanted to document the different
types of balls:
What a FUN Friday night!

MK Makes a Crafty Creature

MK was really excited about this project.  
She used an empty toilet paper roll, 
some leftover fabric,
 a broken clothespin, 
ribbon & some paint 
to create her own 
"Milli Crafty Creature."  

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

pondering puzzles...

We are trying to keep busy with different activities this summer.  Joey & MK have started a puzzle-craze.  We started with some "Frozen" traditional puzzles, but MK has really enjoyed the 3D architectural puzzles.
They started with this
Big Ben 3D puzzle.
 MK likes for her LaLaLoopsy Tinies & Paw Patrol Skye to help in the puzzle efforts too.
MK completed this Tower Bridge
puzzle all by herself!
The box lists it as appropriate
for ages 12 & up! 


 We have also completed a Hogwarts castle & another European castle. 
(Hogwarts was really & Daddy & Mommy project!  But still fun!)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Beach Story
One Tuesday, Milli and her friends, Sofia and Claire went to the beach in Destin, Florida. Milli and Sofia got there at 5:00 P.M.
When Milli and Sofia were asleep, Claire was about to come home. She got there at 11:00 P.M. or 12:00 A.M.
The next morning, Milli and her friends decided to go to Gulf World, in Panama City Beach, Florida (PCB, FL). They got a blue plush macaw. And an orange plush clownfish. Her name was Tangerine. Milli and her friends also went grocery shopping at Wal Mart. Then they went back to their room in Destin. For dinner they went to a place RIGHT ON THE BEACH!! Milli and her friends wanted to eat there. It's called The Whale's Tail. They went back to the room and talked. Milli must've gotten a T-shirt at The Whale's Tail.
The next morning Milli wanted to have some breakfast at IHOP. Now, for dinner, Milli and her friends went to AJ's. Milli got a dolphin with a shirt on. Milli and her friends went back to the room and talked.
Friday  was  a special  day. Milli  got up early, took a shower, and she put The Whale's Tail T-shirt, the AJ's dolphin, and the blue plush macaw and orange plush Tangerine clownfish into one of her shopping bags from Wal Mart, so she could bring them to me. Sofia and Claire went back to their houses.
What a great trip!