Tuesday, April 28, 2015

good dental hygiene is important...

a couple of weeks ago, i went to visit my dentist. he is a special dentist who only sees children as his patients. first, the hygienist let me look all around the office & try out the mask, gloves & instruments. then she inspected my teeth. we even saw the x-ray machine. maybe next time i will even Sit in the x-ray chair & they can take pictures of my teeth!! then dr baker came in & he looked inside my mouth too. they gave me a toothbrush piece just like the ones in the office so that i can practice at home to remember how that toothbrush feels. i think i'll go back again!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

the school art show...

last week, my art teacher posted artworks from each student. we had a fine arts festival one evening, after school. my "reflections" picture was my work to be displayed. i really enjoyed walking around the school and seeing everyone else's artwork too.

thank you...

this is the LAST blog today! we are SO thankful for this pretty sunday. i am still loving luau things so i put what we call her "Pinki" in a picture for our last blog. at school, we've been talking about symbols for our great nation. of course i love Baldy, so she could sit there too. these are the beanie babies i say. you can see me in a photo with the beanie baby birds while i am blowing up(a beach ball)that i got(on the first day of school when i got in mrs rachels class in 2014). you can see me taping up papers to the coffee table.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

He is risen! He is risen indeed! allelulia!!!

Happy Easter, my friends & family!! i got an early start this morning by attending our church's 630 AM sunrise service. i wish we had pictures from that, but i think we were just in shock that mommy, daddy & i were all up & out of the house that early! so these Easter basket pictures were really taken AFTER i had already been awake for a while. i wore my pj's to the sunrise service!! we went to church then came back home for breakfast & to change into regular church clothes. then we attended the 11 AM service also. after church, we went to grammy & pappy's house to eat lunch. i got to eat a yellow peep!! (YuM!!!) we also had an egg hunt & did swinging & bubbles. we enjoyed SUCH beautiful weather!!! after dinner, i noticed that the daylight was similar to how it was this morning at sunrise. so i insisted that we have another "sunrise" service in our backyard. my stone dolphins & my duck becca also attended. we blew bubbles & sang "break every chain." this is my last day of spring break. i am really excited to go back to school & see my friends tomorrow!

Friday, April 3, 2015

spring break wednesday...

i had SO much fun on wednesday this week. we ate lunch on the front steps, listened to birds & enjoyed the cherry tree. then we picked up lots of HUGE pine cones in our yard. i also played "wet petals" which is just throwing around the fallen cherry tree blossoms. i like the way they flutter down. but some of them were wet -- they were a little clumpy! here are my "wet petals" hands!! that afternoon, my friend catherine came over to play at my house. we made a polly-pockets / playmobil water park. it was SO much fun!!