Saturday, June 30, 2012

working the fields...

on friday, i went to pick blueberries at a local farm. yes, this was one of the 100+ degree days, but we went pretty early so we could beat the heat. at first i was not interested in picking the berries, but then we sang songs about "picking off berries, put them in the bucket..." then i started a blueberry fight with grammy!
the blueberries at this farm have not been treated with any pesticides, so we actually ate some as we were picking. and they were *DeLiCiouS!!* they were SO much sweeter than the ones we buy at the grocery store. we put most of them in the freezer so we can enjoy them all summer. hey, i think some sunday morning blueberry pancakes are a good idea!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

family fun days...

this has already been a VeRy BuSy week for me! on monday i went to tuscumbia to see grammymommie. while visiting her, i also got to see aunt pauline. we all played checkers together -- of course we always play by the 'MK rules' -- that is to say that i just stack them up into towers. i like to make the striped towers and then knock over all the checkers.
on tuesday mommy & i went to nashville to see aunt lorna & uncle gene. my cousin from arizona, delaney, hitched a ride with us. that was super fun because delaney has lots of good ideas to entertain me. on tuesday afternoon we went to chuck e cheese. this was my first ever visit to chuck e cheese. WOW! it was almost TOO much FUN! we would have taken more pictures, but mommy's camera battery died. *ugh* they even had human-size hamster wheel that we took turns running in! (it was even large enough for mommy to run in!) i LoVeD the hamster wheel. then we went for ice cream at baskin robbins. hopefully i can find another wheel here at our chuck e cheese in birmingham.
i really became attached to "my little delaney." that is what i decided she should be called. you can see here, we made a great team.
we returned to birmingham on wednesday. we stopped at the state-line rest stop where i enjoyed eating my lunch in the shade of beautiful trees & the huge rocket.
aunt lorna had given me this book on wednesday morning. it belonged to my cousin trey when he was a little boy. but lorna saw how much i love wheels & she thought i might really enjoy this book. (WoW -- she was so right... i think i've read it at least 20 times today, including 3 times right before bed!) so a good night to all! i am VeRY TireD!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

just a cute pic...

mommy did not a very good job of taking pictures today... sorry to everyone. :o( we got the one photo of daddy with the family for grammymommie's birthday. and when we returned home, we took this one picture at the lake after our little day-trip... but it was a very FUN day!! i enjoyed getting to spend time with daddy's family!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

there she blows...

on saturday afternoon, mommy & i were playing bubbles in the driveway, like we always do. then i had a great idea!! i decided that i would try to blow the bubbles myself! and of course i was successful! just look!! (and on a unrelated subject, note my cute outfit... mommy got the shorts at the end of last summer for $1.60. the plain purple shirt was $4 this year. she cut out & sewed the flower circles onto the shirt!)

Monday, June 11, 2012

if the shoe fits, or even if it doesn't...

one of my elmo's world videos talks about putting on shoes & tying shoelaces. so i have become quite enthralled with all types of closures on clothes & shoes. this includes laces, zippers & buttons. i have a pair of new balance tennis shoes that i enjoy practicing with. however, tonight i found daddy's tennis shoes!! i thought they were a perfect fit & i got in a lot of good lacing practice!! i like to talk about what i am doing... "fiiiiirst, i put on nis shoe. theeeenn, i pull up nis tongue, then i pull up neese strings & you make na noop..." sorry that we have no video to share, but it just isn't cooperating lately.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

pretty patches...

mommy finally finished making this new outfit for me! we call it the 'patches' outfit because the fabric appears to be several different fabric patterns sewn together. you can also see that my haircut looks a little better. grammy first cut my hair about 4 or 5 days ago. i am so wiggly that it was difficult to get the haircut straight. so grammy has corrected it a little bit each time that i have seen her since. i think it is pretty cute now!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

this afternoon we went to the park & i got to play on the playground. that blue ice cream cone blows bubbles. mommy kept saying to me "come here & say CHEESE!" you can see the faces i made as in response to her request... then shaggy dolphin enjoyed going down the slide, but i would not slide with him. when we returned home, mommy noticed the blueberries growing in our front yard. (we planted these bushes a few years ago.) i picked some berries! this reminds of one of my favorite stories called "the man who cooked for himself." in that story, the man RUBS against the berries & gets stains on his pants. i always think that part of the story is SOOO funny. so i really enjoyed picked ReAL blueberries off of the bush!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

more outdoor fun...

mommy & i went outside to play with water again on wednesday afternoon. of course i had fun like always, but i also found some sidewalk chalk that we had forgotten about. i drew all sorts on neat things on our driveway. i told mommy that i had drawn a ball track & a picture of her. she drew a picture of a camera & i enjoyed pressing the "button" & saying "click!" as though i was taking a photograph. but then i began drawing something else & i would never say for certain what it was. then mommy realized it actually looked liked letters. what do you think it says? (elmo's world is one of my favorite things right now!!) i wrote the same thing OveR & oVeR & OvER on the driveway (mommy counted NINE times that i wrote it -- but some of them run together & are confusing to read.) every time that mommy asked me what i was drawing or writing, i would not immediately answer. then, a few minutes later, i would exclaim, "elmo likes to take pictures!" mommy says she can see the "elmo" for sure & maybe a few letters of the rest of the phrase. but what impressed her the most is that i did all of this BY MYself without any prompting from her! this is just what i felt like writing!!

summer is here...

i have really been enjoying this hot weather! i have been playing outside with my water table & i am getting more confident on my tricycle too.

Monday, June 4, 2012

party on...

here are some pictures from a recent birthday party that i attended. the party was at "treetop adventures" which is a combination of an arcade, a water battle area & treehouses. i played wheel of fortune, punched down some yellow duckies (i beat daddy at that game!) and jumped on some colored lights. it was SoOoO fun!!