Sunday, April 29, 2012

walk through my weekend with me...

these first pics are of me playing with a combination of some old & new loves. i am playing with my polly pockets, squinkies, & la la loopsies in my dora dollhouse!
this is a la la loopsie ferris wheel, but i like to put my squinkies in it. i have 3 favorite squinkies -- they are the star, a fish & a little girl that i have named "mk."
i like to be sure that everyone wears their seat belt, just like i do when i ride in the car. when i put them in their ferris wheel seats, i say, "it's buckle time!" (that is what mommy says to me!)
here are some pictures of me playing in the backyard on sunday after church. we were blowing bubbles & dolphin was trying to eat them. mommy says that bubbles taste nasty, but i tried to eat a few too!
these last 2 pictures are of me putting my la la loopsies in the swimming pool. i laughed a lot about how they were getting "pruny!" this is what happened to me when i swam for a long time at the beach.

Friday, April 27, 2012

more sand...

my pappy has a little construction project going on in their backyard. he is building a horseshoe-throwing pit. the area where the horseshoes will land is filled with sand -- this is a perfect sandbox for ME!! of course pappy did not mind, and he even helped me play.
my hair is getting pretty long these days. grammy put my hair in a french braid yesterday, but i immediately removed the rubber band that was holding it in place. but this afternoon, i realized that the braid kept my hair out of my face, so i left it fixed. pretty cute, huh?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

the school art show...

my teachers have displayed some of our most beautiful artwork. mommy took these pictures on the day of the art show. i was very proud of my work. look closely at my arm in this first picture. you can see my red stamps -- they are a prize for going pee-pee on the toilet. i am doing a pretty good job on that too!
these last pictures are of me running from the classroom to our yellow car. i enjoy school, but i am always excited to go home too!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

flower fields...

you know i LoVe anything to do with a farm or gardening. well, on tuesday we went to the garden center near our house. i enjoyed looking at all the "flower fields." there were so many beautiful colors to see! and i even told mommy when i needed to use the potty... we took care of that & then kept on playing in the sunshine!!
i found these flower pots that were shaped like big feet & they were painted blue. the toes were SOOO huge, so of course i had to talk about the "little piggies." my favorite part is always at the end when you say "wee wee wee, all the way home!"
dolphin & i got to ride in this cute little yellow wagon all around the garden center.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the last of our beach pics...

on our last day at the beach, a friend named josh, helped mommy & daddy with their new camera. on saturday night, he took pictures of our family and he also took pictures of mr russ & mrs stephanie (the people we were staying with.) we were pretty amazed at these pictures because josh took them at about 7pm!! the sun had already set, but he is just a really good photographer!

Monday, April 16, 2012

delilah the dolphin & other fun stuff...

on friday at the beach, we visited gulf world, which is like a mini-sea world aquarium place in panama city beach. lately, the dolphin has become a favorite animal of mine -- in fact, i love them about as much as i do my old duckies. at gulf world, i actually got to touch & feed a real dolphin!! our dolphin is named delilah & she is 38 years old! at first i was hesitant about touching her, but i warmed up to her pretty quickly! i did pretty well at patiently following the instructions of delilah's trainer so that i could interact with her.
in the first pic, you can see me feeding delilah a fish as a reward for following commands. i cannot believe i actually touched the fish!! in the next picture, i am rubbing delilah's belly.
you can also see some of the tricks that delilah performed for us. ("us" was just me, mommy, and one other little girl that you can see in these pictures. so my encounter with the dolphin was pretty up-close-and-personal.)
gulf world also put on a big dolphin show. sometimes i have trouble paying attention during things like this, but this show was very exciting! here, you can see one of the dolphins is throwing her trainer up into the air!
on friday afternoon, of course we went to the beach again. i enjoyed running in the waves & throwing sand some more. daddy brought a kite & he let it fly up ReaLLy high!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

let me tell you a story...

i like to fashion "dolphins" from my play-doh. here are some examples of my work. during some downtime in our room yesterday, i told mommy a story. it goes like this: the little red dolphin asked, "who will help me take the cheeseburger in paradise to the margaritaville?" "not i," said the orange dolphin. "not i," said the teal dolphin. "not i," said the blue dolphin. "not i," said the yellow dolphin. the little red dolphin said, "then i will take it myself." and she did.

Friday, April 13, 2012

we're at the beach! woo hoo! the beach!

we have taken a trip to panama city beach, florida. i am having SOOOO much fun! we arrived about 3pm on wednesday and immediately went down to the beach. our weather is a little cooler than when i have visited the beach before, but it is still warm enough for me to play in the waves! i like running through the water & yelling out "we're at the beach! woo hoo! the BEACH!" (dora the explorer says this in one of my favorite books.)
we also played some in the pool. but my favorite is definitely the beach!
we usually see seagulls when we visit the beach. but this time we got to enjoy this brown pelican too! he spent some time floating on the water but he also came up to an area of beach beside where i was playing. daddy took this picture -- he says the pelican actually allowed him to come fairly close.
we have already visited margaritaville. i have been talking about "cheeseburgers in paradise" since our beach trip last year.