Thursday, April 18, 2013

narwhal fever...

i have been going to choir practice at church for a little over a month. practice is held in a kindergarten classroom & there are all sorts of fun school decorations. i have become *obsessed* with a picture of a narwhal that hangs among the alphabet letters. mommy even developed this picture of the narwhal so that i can keep it with me if i want. when we returned home after church on wednesday night, daddy helped me to make this play-doh narwhal. daddy formed the green narwhal body & i put on the face, horn & spots. i am so proud of my narwhal artwork!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

just chalk it up...

i love to do chalk drawings in the driveway. this is a great form of entertainment because the chalks go on sale for about $1. and my mommy likes to draw some pictures too. here you can see me working diligently. i drew a picture of one of my loopsy dolls -- "dot starlight." i think it's a pretty good resemblance.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

my busy sunday...

i had a very busy sunday this past weekend. i sang in the church service with the 4k choir. i did a really good job of standing in my place & doing my hand motions. i am enjoying choir time a lot nowadays. then we came home & ate lunch & played with play-doh. i enjoyed wearing this new whales-outfit that mommy recently completed. we also played outside & went to hancock fabrics to look for more sewing projects. i like going to hancock's because i get to walk on these "yellow bumpies" in the parking lot. i also worked on this big castle that lorna & gene gave to me for christmas. i love being a princess! then we played at the park. WHeW!! i slept really well on sunday night!

Friday, April 5, 2013

happy Easter!!!

here are some pictures from Easter morning. i examined my basket & then we went to sunday school. i LOVE sunday school at my asbury united methodist church. we had lunch at grammy & pappy's house. we also had another egg hunt. we played music & sang songs too. it was a great day!! HoppY EasTeR everybody!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

the hunt is on...

i am finally getting a chance to post pictures from our neighborhood Easter egg hunt that was last saturday. we had a GREAT time, even though i said i did not want to go! (i changed my mind once i arrived!) of course we hunted eggs but we also played "pin the tail on the bunny" & we ate CakE!! but these rainbow flowers were probably my favorite part of the festivities!