Tuesday, July 31, 2012

more adventurous fun...

these are the last of our pics from our trip a couple of weeks ago. we visited downtown hampton where we rode an old carousel (built in the 1920s & restored a few years ago.) i enjoyed inspecting the horses, but i refused to ride on one. so grammy & i rode in a carriage together. we also walked around on the boat docks & looked in the space museum.
here i am playing potato heads with my 2nd cousins lauren & anderson. i continue to learn more about sharing all the time & they were quite patient with me.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

enjoying time with my g-daddy...

here are some more pics from our trip to virginia. i enjoyed spending time with my great-grandparents (grammy's parents). in these pictures, you can see g-daddy sharing his cake with me -- well, i didn't really give him much of a choice! but he was very generous! g-daddy loves working in his yard too. so he let me help him water the flowers. (or maybe he was just letting me "work-off" my cake-debt!!)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

happy birthday to my g-daddy...

when we were visiting virginia, we celebrated my great-grandaddy's 90th birthday!! my aunt linda organized the party at a steakhouse restaurant.
of course we ate birthday cake!! i even helped myself to the leftover pieces that were sitting around on the table! some of the cake icing was a bright blue -- several of us ended with smurf-mouths, even g-daddy!!
here are most of the great-grandchildren. uncle kyle's family could not come from missouri, so we were missing madison. we were also missing levi in this picture because it's just difficult to have this many people happy at one time!!
surprisingly, i actually LoVeD the party hats!! i wore my hat the entire party & i even wanted to sleep with it on that night!
aunt linda & uncle tom rented out this local sign to put a birthday message for g-daddy! it was really fun!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

an adventure story...

whew!! we are finally settling back into a regular routine after taking a journey last week. we went up to north carolina to see pappy's family. then we also went to virginia to see grammy's family. today i will be posting pictures are of my family in north carolina. mommy & daddy told me we were going on "an adventure" just like dora goes on adventures. and WoW -- they were so right!
we stayed with aunt mary ann & uncle rodney in kannapolis, nc. my great-grandma brandt from winston-salem came to join us too. uncle rodney loves trains *almost* as much as i do! (ha ha!!) he has an amazing train room with SOoOoO many trains & buildings & little people. this train room was beyond my wildest dreams.
in this next picture, you can see my cousin janet playing with great-grandma & "georgie." i thought georgie was really fun & i even played with him too!
aunt mary ann even gave me this train set with neat tracks!! i got to bring it back to birmingham with me -- this was really great because i suffered some separation anxiety when i realized we were not returning to the train room any time soon.
i enjoyed watching the steam rise up from the engines & i also played with the buildings & other accessories. rodney even allowed me to move around items in the farmer's market area. i lined up all the cabbages & transferred fruits & veggies from one truck to another. i also loved all of mary ann's patriotic decor. so i put some semi-circle flags on a building that i named the cracker barrel. i did SO many fun things... i cannot wait to go back!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

more bubbles...

more happy bubbles...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the happy seamstress...

i am sad to have never met my grandaddy bolton. but long before i was ever thought of, he found this mini-singer-sewing machine. i have been told that he was saving for the possible future granddaughter. grammymommie gave the machine to me a few months ago. as mommy has been doing more sewing, i have become interested in the machine & i LoVE to go fabric-shopping. so today we pulled out MY sewing machine. we did not actually plug it in because mommy wants to try it out sometime when i am not around -- just in case something doesn't work. but i enjoyed it anyway!! i sewed on several different types of fabric, and made the "zzzzhhhhhh!" sound myself! what a very special gift!