Monday, March 28, 2011


here are some pics from the past month that didn't fit into any other post...

more family blessings...

on sunday my uncle gene & aunt lorna from nashville came to visit us. i performed several songs & dances for them. i also painted some pictures and lorna & i played with my play-doh. and as on many special occasions, i got to eat CAKE!! we had SO much fun!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

christmas in march...

my uncle kyle was stationed in afghanistan until january. now that he is visting us, we are able to celebrate christmas with him & his family! grammy & pappy have left up all their decorations & we even had a christmas dinner. you can celebrate christmas all-year-round ALL of the time anyway!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

all zooed up again...

this week, my uncle kyle & his family are visiting from texas. on wednesday, we went to the birmingham zoo. i got to ride the train again and this time pappy helped me ring the bell! the next pic is of me pretending to share my flower with my cousin madison. i would offer the flower to madison & even say "i share flower." but when she would take the flower, i would cry! i guess i still have a lot to learn about sharing.

the birmingham zoo has a new exhibit called "trails of africa." they have more elephants & lots of new play areas & walk ways. here, you can see me enjoying the drums and play area at the new exhibit. we also visited the lorakeet cage where the birds will actually come & land on you! kyle & madison got a real close & personal experience with the birds! and of course we saw different animals like ostriches, zebras, giraffes, snakes, and many others.

i spent some of the day in my stroller, but i really enjoyed walking around independently & exploring things. here you can see me at the top of some stairs that i went UP & DOWN many MaNy times! each time i would say, "up up up. down down down." you can also see me leading the way as all my family walked through the zoo. the weather was perfect and we had such a great day!

my trip to virginia...

over this last weekend, we drove to virginia to see grammy's family. we stayed with my great-grand parents and also got to see my uncle curt & his family. in these first pictures you can see me at gg & gdaddy's house, playing in the yard & working on a drawing with gdaddy.

i am also posting a couple of posed family shots, but you know me... i don't like to stand still.

we got to spend an afternoon at virginia beach my uncle curt & his family. believe it or not, my cousins actually sit still even LESS than me!! mommy never could get any pictures of me playing with them. but they were very sweet to me. here are some pics of play time on the beach. we were blessed with BeAuTiFuL weather!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

noah & the animals...

i received these animals, noah & the ark for christmas. i like to line up the animals. sometimes i put them in their pairs & sometimes i allow them to mingle.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

helping with more chores...

we are preparing to go to virginia to see grammy's family. so on wednesday & thursday, i helped mommy with more chores. here, you can see me helping to vacuum out the x-terra & clean the inside. in fact, i enjoyed it so much, that i have been continually asking to go play in the garage! on thursday, i helped to pack our suitcase.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

helping with chores & such...

i like to help mommy when she does her housework. our vacuum cleaner has pictures of rainbows on it & you know i LOVE colors! so i follow the vacuum around the house saying, "hi colors!"

i also like to help mommy with the laundry. i think i've shown you pictures like these before, but my aim is improving for getting things IN the washing machine!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

my saturday out & about...

on saturday, mommy took the x-terra for service so we went to hang out with grammy & pappy all day. i got to play with the cat, conrad, and i gave him lots of acorns. actually i just put the acorns on his belly, but he lets me do it. then we went to church because grammy & pappy's sunday school class had a party. i enjoyed looking at the stained glass windows & running around in the fellowship hall while pappy & my mommy set up tables & chairs. i also got to play on the playground. this is the same playground that my school class uses on tuesdays & thursdays, so i wasn't afraid of the slide. i had SoOoO much fun!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

i love you because you're you...

last night, just before bedtime, mommy was reading some of my favorite books to me. one of them is called "i love you because you're you." grandmommie gave me this book for my 2nd birthday. well, i decided that i could read it to myself... just listen!

sorry these videos don't exactly start at the beginning & end at the end. but i think you'll get the idea. here are the words, just in case you want to read along. when the second video shifts to looking at the book pages, i am reading the line about being frightened & hearing a scary sound.

i love you when you're happy & grinning ear to ear.
i love you when you're sleepy & want to snuggle near.
i love you when you're silly & dancing round & round.
I love you when you're frightened & hear a scary sound.
i love you when you're bashful & hide behind my knee.
i love you when you're brave & from my arms you flee.
i love you when you're curious & searching here & there.
i love you when you're proud, your head held in the air.
i love you when you're sick & need to rest in bed.
i love you when you're frisky & standing on your head.
i love you when you're sad & need a kiss & hug.
i love you when you're playful & rolling on the rug.
i love you when you're angry & cross your arms & pout.
i love you when you're wild & yell & scream & shout.
i love you any way you feel, no matter what you do.
i love you any way you are.
i love you because you're you!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

spring is on the way...

today's weather was rather nasty, so mommy & i stayed inside ALL day LONG!! we actually took this picture yesterday. i went up to mommy & said "i want didos" which means "i want flowers." so we went outside & found some!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

they let me eat cake...

today grammy, pappy, & our friend linda came to my house for lunch. they brought a cake because daddy's birthday is on wednesday. i LoVE birthdays because i get to eat cake! i actually used the spoon to eat my cake & ice cream & i was very neat about it all. mmmmmm! it was delish!!