Wednesday, February 22, 2012

just ducky...

here is the latest outfit that mommy has made for me... just in time for Easter & spring time!! when i saw this fabric in the store, i told mommy that we just HAD to have it!! and i LOVE this outfit! when i saw the shirt for the first time, i couldn't quit saying, "why, hello little duck!"

and on the subject of potty-training... i am doing pretty well. i still wear pull-ups most of the time (although mommy may put me in panties ALL the time because sometimes i get a little lazy!) up till now i have been fairly afraid of any public toilet, including the one at school. so on monday (we didn't have school that day), mommy & i spent the day at school practicing the use of the school toilet. so today i returned to school for a normal day. i peed in the school toilet TWICE! hooray for me!!