Saturday, June 22, 2013

happy father's day!

i am posting these pictures a little late, but we actually celebrated father's day during the week following the holiday. (mommy & daddy worked on father's day.) but you can celebrate AnY day, right?? on monday i gave this "big ben" lego-clock set to daddy and we worked it together. daddy says i did a good job on following the building directions. and i also added a few touches of my own. on tuesday grammy & pappy came to my house for lunch. i played chalk colors in the driveway with pappy. we drew lines around pappy & mommy & then colored in the chalk-people.

i love the post office...

i am out-growing so many of my clothes. so recently we mailed a package to my cousin madison in texas. i enjoyed decorating the package with stickers. but i ReALLY do love the post office. "sweet pickles" is a book series that i like to read & one of the characters is a stork who works in the post office. i think stork is really funny. and the american flags i get to see at the post office add to my joy. i tried to lift the package, but it was pretty heavy.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

sharing everyone's toys...

i continue to enjoy my legos. i share legos with daddy & he built this beachy cottage for me. i love playing with the lego people at this cottage. i have named the lego people like this: joey, kelly, mary kathryn, mr atoz, & spock. (the last 2 are obviously named for star trek characters following a partial viewing of an episode.)
mommy has also received a new toy recently. it is an embroidery system (i really like to say that!) she is still learning how to use it, but she lets me push the buttons! i even drew this picture of the machine. "MK" is on the drawing because mommy has practiced monogramming those letters a LoT!! hopefully we will soon have some embroidery that is worth sharing on this blog!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

just hangin' out...

recently, when people ask me, "what are you doing?" my response is this: "just hangin' out." here are pictures of me just hangin' out, enjoying the beautiful weather. i LovE SuMMeR!!

my own private beach...

i've realized that i never shared this neat creation with you! daddy made it for me shortly after we returned from panama city. we had brought some beach-sand home with us so i could keep a little piece of the beach. daddy made this box & we put my real beach-sand in it. he even made the little kite just like the one we used. i LoVE it! and little pink dolphin rides in this blue car to go to the beach.