Friday, January 1, 2016

zoolight safari...

a couple of nights ago, we went to zoolight safari at the birmingham zoo. it was great to share the zoolight experience with grammy, pappy, & even aunt trudy, & my cousins madison & liam, since they were still visiting from texas. aunt trudy bought these cool ice-princess wands for madison & me! and madison & i really loved the fun snow-spray! we also went "ice skating" at zoolight. the rink was actually made of some really strong plastic. mommy thought it was more difficult than real ice skating, but i did awesome! and of course we enjoyed the lights and the candy cane train! i met another 7-year old girl while we were in line for the train. we became fast friends & rode together. when i am asked to tell my favorite part of zoolight, i always answer: "all of it!"

Christmas Morning Gifts!!!

i was excited to receive many fun Christmas presents. Santa brought me several Paw Patrol action figures, flamingo slippers, octonauts & some craft projects. santa always puts bananas in daddy's & my stockings. but santa leaves an apple for mommy. this is funny to me-- santa actually knows that my mommy does not like bananas!