Monday, November 29, 2010

visiting with madison rose...

my cousin madison & her mommy trudy went home to texas this morning. i had fun visiting with them. i enjoyed saying "nan-duh" in a high-pitched voice, which meant "madison." mommy attempted to capture this on video, but sadly, she was never successful. we had a good visit & i look forward to seeing them again.

grammy got these cute coordinating outfits for madison & me. we had a little photo shoot -- as best as we could! it was a little difficult to find a time when madison & i were both clean, happy & awake! santa wanted to be in the pictures also, but madison nor i was too happy about sitting so close to him. but i think we got some pretty good pictures anyway!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

playing in pappy's yard...

today i went to visit with grammy, pappy, aunt trudy & my cousin madison. when mommy & i arrived, pappy was outside doing yardwork. it was such a perfect & beautiful day for playing outside. i was super excited about all the leaves blowing around! i got to chase the leaves & throw them up in the air! autumn is SoOoOo much fun!!

i was also super excited to get to play with another nativity. but THIS nativity set is especially for ME!! it is a fisher-price "little people" nativity set, complete with animals & everything! and when i push the angel, she plays music for me & the star lights up.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

prepare the way...

last night we started decorating for Christmas. mommy put out this nativity & i really enjoyed playing with it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

some of my second helping of thanksgiving...

we have SO much to be thankful for! i have been spending time with my cousin madison since she & her mom, trudy arrived from texas about a week ago. (uncle kyle is still in afghanistan.) but there have been a few little kinks during this holiday... yesterday we had planned to celebrate thanksgiving at grammy & pappy's house. but then a pipe under the kitchen sink corroded & water went everywhere! a little later, the oven caught on fire & we had not finished cooking the meal! we are thankful no one was hurt & there was very little damage. so grammy, pappy, trudy, madison & my family all came back to my house to finish cooking & to eat dinner. i did take some pictures, but now the camera card is not pulling up all of them. so here are some pics of me hanging out with my sweet cousin madison. i LOVE her, and i have even named one of my baby dolls "madison." hopefully i can make a full post soon.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving...

this post is the final installment of my trip to grandmommie's house last weekend.

i really enjoyed playing in the backyard. she has a swing & a windmill. i also liked sitting by the drainage area & throwing leaves into the hole. mommy & i did that for a ReALLy long time one day!! i hope everyone has a GrEaT thanksgiving & i hope to post more holiday fun later today.

Monday, November 22, 2010

thanksgiving at grandmommie's house...

on sunday, daddy's family arrived at grandmommie's house to celebrate thanksgiving. i enjoyed playing with aunt lorna & aunt judy & i also got to hang out with my cousins, drew & matt. grandmommie had some old papers & bills that she wanted to destroy so daddy & the boys burned them in the backyard. i had fun throwing leaves into the hole (after the fire was put out, of course!) i also enjoyed helping mommy with her "turkey cake" which was actually a duck dressed up as a turkey. i got to play with the cake decorating tools that mommy wasn't using for the cake & then i got to EAT some cake too!!

my weekend with grandmommie...

this weekend i went to see my grandmommie in tuscumbia, alabama. we arrived on thursday and the rest of the family came on sunday to celebrate thanksgiving. one thing i enjoyed with grandmommie was playing with stickers. i put the stickers on her hand & counted them. i also enjoyed playing with several ceramic ducks. daddy said i could play with them if i was sitting on the bed, and i obeyed those directions pretty well. i haven't had a chance to look through all my pictures yet, but i will be sure to post more as soon as i can!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

my busy day of nothing...

hooray! today was the first day in a while that mommy, daddy & i have all been at home together for the entire day. it was so much FUN! we did go to the doctor for my flu shot (BOOOO on that!) but otherwise we just spent the day playing & eating & napping. as of late, one of my favorite things to "do" is to love this painting of fish & water. i've been told that daddy made this painting a LONG LONG time ago but we just found it recently when we were organizing some things. i LovE LOvE LoVe this picture! i even try to hug it & i have gotten upset a few times when i could not bring it with me. so mommy took a photograph of the painting & we carry that with us sometimes. i call the picture "gool" which means "water" in my world, because a pool is the best kind of water, right??

Sunday, November 14, 2010

spending time with the men in my life...

on friday i stayed with grammy & pappy because mommy & daddy were both working. grammy had a lot of church chores to do so i spent much of the day with pappy. we did play on the playground during the day, but these pictures are from friday evening at church. i enjoyed running through the halls *i don't get to do THAT when i'm at school! and i also enjoyed the toys in a classroom different than my school classroom.

on saturday, i stayed with daddy all day long. we did all sorts of fun things, like draw pictures & sing songs. he taught me the letter-names of piano keys & we played B-I-N-G-O. i LovE music!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

i am enjoying fall...

sorry it has been several days since my last post. we have been very busy this week. these pictures are from a couple of nights ago when i played outside after my nap. during the summer, we would often play outside after my nap *about 430 or 500 pm* but now it gets dark so much earlier. mommy is going to have to come up with a different plan. but i had fun for the few minutes that we were outside. being outside later in the fall IS neat because i got to enjoy these colored lights on our back patio. i love them & yell out "colors!" i also enjoyed crunching through all the leaves. my eagle came outside too -- and he got VERY dirty. one of the new things i say is "fly, bird!" and of course, bird FLIES!! i also looked at the last of our purple flowers -- they are growing smaller & fewer as the weather gets colder. but i am ready for the cold!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

peek-a-boo & playgroup...

these first pictures are of me playing peek-a-boo this morning before church. i get very excited when mommy asks "where's MK?" and i get to 'reveal' myself. and speaking of church -- i have made it through the entire time of worship & sunday for several sundays in a row. i think i am settled into my class now!

after church, i tried to nap because we had plans to attend a neighborhood playgroup. but i was too hyper to go to sleep! so we went to the playgroup, but didn't stay for very long. and that is why i am going to bed at 7:45 tonight!!

my busy saturday...

well, it was busy by MY standards... first, i woke up & had breakfast. i actually slept until about 8am this morning! we went to the post office at the mall & we ate lunch at the mall. then we went to another store near the mall to look for doorknob covers because i have learned how to unlock & open our doors. then we came home & napped. after my nap, we went to the park. whew! i will sleep well tonight!!

just a p.s. --> i think it is interesting that i am holding 3 different birds in these pictures. i still love my ducky, but i definitely have several loves in my life now. in these pics, i am holding a white goose, a black eagle & my grey pelican.