Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Busy but Lazy Weekend...

Thank goodness -- we had no solid plans for this weekend, other than going to church on Sunday morning.  So we just had some fun leisure time.  Saturday morning started
out with Lego building
*MK is studying some plans in this pic*
and then she had some
piano practice. 
Joey's cousin invited us to join him & his wife for sushi at a nearby restaurant.  This was a fun, impromptu outing AND we got to see their sweet newborn, 
Elijah Oliver!
We returned home for Legos, some scooter time & a little pool time.  We had a wonderfully lazy afternoon.
Sunday we enjoyed our church service & returned home for lunch.  MK helped me with unloading the dishwasher.
(She does this to earn a little money,
to save up for more Legos!)
 Joey, MK and I went to the pool for an hour or so.  It was rather an exciting afternoon!  MK swam about 10 feet across the pool (from me to Joey) without touching the bottom!  She did this SEVERAL times & we were all super proud!  As a reward, we agreed to get MK a "figural key ring" that she has been begging for.  The key ring is modeled after Destiny in Finding Dory.  Here is a picture of Destiny, the whale shark from the movie:
But the excitement doesn't stop there!  One of MK's teeth has been getting looser for a week or so.  MK had been nervous about this, fearing that it would be painful when the tooth fell out.  She was eating grapes during the swim break & the tooth just FELL OUT!  She was so relieved that it did not hurt as she had expected.  She is anxiously awaiting the Tooth Fairy's gift!