Thursday, September 30, 2010

a fun school day...

i went to school this morning. as usual, i was a little upset when mommy dropped me off, but i settled in quickly. i've stayed the entire time for both days of school this week! mommy & i took a walk around the courtyard at the end of my schoolday. and look at the beautiful picture i painted -- i actually used a paintbrush!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

what a wonderful wednesday...

we did all sorts of fun things today. we started out just playing around the house -- coloring, counting & talking to my kitty cat. then i helped mommy with laundry and then we met grammy at kohl's. i got some new winter shoes & couple of shirts.

then i took a nap at grammy & pappy's house & when i woke up, i ate a gourmet meal of a grilled cheese sandwich & fruit. then mommy & i went grocery shopping & came home to play some more. whew!! i am tired!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

you-tube contributes to good dental hygeine...

i enjoy watching my you-tube videos while i brush my teeth. in fact, this is really the ONLY way that i will agree to brush my teeth. there is a listing of my favorite videos in the sidebar of this blog. i especially like elmo's ducks, 1234 with feist (?? i don't know who she really is) and the ABC's with tilly & the wall (i don't know who they are either!) and don't be fooled by these pics... mommy still helps me brush my teeth! i like to do some of it on my own, but she checks to be sure i have done a good job!

our regular bedtime routine is to change into a clean diaper & pajamas, then we go to the study to watch 3 videos. after the third video, we go back to my room to read a few stories. then we sing songs & i go to bed. i have also started listening to a CD while i drift off to sleep & that helps me to settle down.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

sunday school...

today mommy & i went to church (daddy had to work). mommy helped out with my class & it's a good thing she did, because i ReALLy did not want her to leave me. i played prety well, but whenever parents would drop off or pick up other children, i would hear people saying "good-bye" and i thought that meant mommy was going to leave ME! once we were settled in & i didn't hear anyone saying "good-bye," i did alright. some of the other children really liked my ducky & i got upset when they tried to play with him too. but i got to do fun things -- like eat cheerios, drink juice & color a picture. i think i'll try to go next week too!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

dominoes night...

these pictures were taken on friday night when we had dominoes night at our house. grammy, pappy, matt, mr rob, and mrs sue came to play. i was fascinated by the dominoes & tried to get in on their game. but then mommy gave me my own box of dominoes! wow!! i organized & sorted them for at least 30 minutes! and look at the cute little trains i got to play with! i can even say domino: "dow-doe."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

just another day...

today i just hung out here at the house with mommy. we read a lot of books this morning & then went outside to play after lunch. i always enjoy looking over at the fish pond in our neighbors' yard. we also played with the sand & water and then went to the park. i took a great nap this afternoon & we played some more. recently i have become interested in the dishes that mommy stores under the stove.

then daddy got home from work & we all ate dinner here at MY little table!!

just a random update...

on tuesday, mommy dropped me off at school at 9am & grammy picked me up at 12:30 -- that is only 30 less than the entire day. my teachers say i am doing well, i just get really tired because they make me work so hard. they are helping me to learn to interact with the other children, do artwork & we always play outside. i painted this star with yellow water-color paint. yesterday, another little girl took my puzzle from me & i didn't even hit her or scream! on tuesday night, i went to zapata for dinner with grammy, pappy, mommy & our friends mr rob & ms sue. i always enjoy walking around the restaurant (mommy says i have to hold her hand while we do this!)

these pictures are from this morning... i am coming down the stairs to breakfast. usually, when i come down the stairs, i have to carry something with me. sometimes i bring a duck or a bird, but today i brought this toy. and what do you think of my t-shirt?? i know you can't see much of it in these pics, but this is the shirt that daddy got for me during our visit to the beach last month. it has a special ducky & my name on it!

Monday, September 20, 2010

color me happy...

here i am, coloring a beautiful picture. i got a new 24-count box of crayons recently, so now i have even more colors to enjoy. my favorite crayon is definitely the yellow crayon... sometimes i like to hug it close & call it "ducky." and look at my great drawing i made all by myself!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

art by mk...

here are some of my art projects from school. the brown dog was my very first picture to color. i am getting pretty good at using the crayons.

i made this next picture by putting marbles in paint & then rolling the marbles all over the paper... or at least that's what ms marie & ms vickie told grammy when she picked me up.

and this is my project that i made at school today. our current curriculum is common nursery rhymes, so today we learned about humpty dumpty. i did a really good job of gluing, didn't i?? i am doing much better in school, making friends & listening to directions. my teachers have discovered that i like to be warned when a change of atmosphere is coming -- like if we are about to go to the playground or if i have to stop playing with a certain toy. today the preschool director called mommy to come get me at 12:35, and that's 5 minutes longer than i lasted on tuesday. (school officially ends at 1pm.) they say that i am happy for most of the day, but i begin to get tired & cranky after lunch. but i am staying a little later every day! mommy says she is so proud of me!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

now we're cooking...

earlier this week, my friend owen gave me this microwave. (it was a late birthday gift!) i had played with owen's microwave when i visited him a month or so ago. owen says it is one of his favorite toys & i think it will become a favorite of mine as well! when you hear me saying "gock, gock" in the video, i am referring to the turn-table that is in the microwave. it spins around & it reminds me of a clock.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the use of a spoon is long overdue...

i recently realized that many of my younger friends can already use a spoon -- or at least they TRY to use a spoon. so tonight at the mexican restaurant, i decided to feed my applesauce to myself, rather than letting someone else feed it to me. i did a pretty good job!! this opens up so many dining possibilities for me now!

Monday, September 13, 2010

hangin' out at grammy & pappy's house...

today daddy & i went to grammy & pappy's house to hang out while mommy went to work. (then she came over & we all had dinner together.) i really enjoy this bed in mommy's old room. i like to sit on it while i play with my stamps. i also enjoy climbing over the end of the bed like i am a little monkey. what a FuN day!!

duck, duck, bird...

i love ducky-one and ducky-one-B is a good substitute if ducky-one is not available. i also love this parrot that belonged to daddy when he was young. and i REALLY like to carry them ALL around with me at once! for some reason, i have started calling birds "doh" so that is what i call my parrot.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

girls' night in...

grandmommie gave me this table & chairs set for christmas, but it was too big for me then. well, tonight my friends ellie & kendall came to have dinner with us (and their parents bo & erica came too!) so daddy brought the table up from the basement & it was perfect for us girls! i did have some trouble sitting at the table for the entire meal -- but i was just so excited with my new freedom!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

just a random fun day...

we did not have to go much of anywhere today (except for a quick trip to the grocery store for fruit) & i always like that kind of laid-back, no-schedule day. here are a few of the fun things i did today: i read lots of books, i played with my "cat," i climbed on my playhouse, i played with the sand & water, and i rode my tricycle. whew! it makes me tired just to talk about it! i will sleep well tonight.