Friday, December 31, 2010

just hangin' out...

it's been a busy morning already for us... i have had my bath (as you can see from my wet hair in some pictures), colored a picture & now i am eating my banana breakfast. i am excited to be wearing my polka-dots shirt -- often as i am wearing polka-dots, i will say "hi, tolne-tots!" which means: hi, polka-dots! today i get to hang out with daddy while mommy goes to work.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

one, two... two little ducks...

one of my sesame street videos sings about the number two. the video shows two little girls playing with various sets of items in a dollhouse. whenever i am holding two of something now, i will often sing the "two song." this morning i sang, "one, two... two little ducks." well, it may have sounded more like this: "un, do... do neee guck." sorry there's no video, but mommy is having technical difficulties.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i am a budding artiste...

on tuesday morning, mommy & i went grocery shopping at publix. the nice cashier gave us some crayons & a coloring book. when we got to grammy's house i colored for about 30 minutes straight! i kept going back to the same page to be sure that i had colored over all of the white spots. (that was on the picture of the octopus & bookworm.) today i did some more coloring here at my house. i am really beginning to hold the crayon like a big girl. i am posting several examples of my artwork.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

a glimpse of some gifts...

here are a few more snippets from my Christmas morning. i finally got around to opening some gifts & i did enjoy the presents themselves.... BUT i really enjoyed picking apart the wrapping paper & popping the bubble wrap!

more merry Christmas...

here are a couple of pictures from this morning. i was so excited about the new toys, i could hardly eat my breakfast. in fact, i have not unwrapped a single gift yet because i am so busy playing with the things that santa left out for me. it's going to be an exciting day!!


my Christmas eve was a busy, busy day!! mommy and i started off the day with a little Christmas cooking... well, she cooked & i stole cookies!! mmmm! they were delicious, and i actually behaved very well when my cookies were all gone!

i played at our house for a bit while mommy got ready for us to go to grammy & pappy's house for Christmas eve. (daddy was at work today.)

i enjoyed playing in pappy's yard. he has candy canes all along his driveway & i counted them SevERaL times! conrad, the cat, and this little elf helped me with the counting too.

pappy had raked his leaves recently & so there were piles of leaves, just perfect for me to RUN through!!

then i played the piano for a little while. i have really started moving to the music when i play and i even "read" the music that grammy has on the music stand. and the next picture is of me, all dressed up for church.

these last pictures are of me with my musical friends who live on grammy's fireplace. i like to push their buttons & make them all sing at the same time. sometimes it can get pretty loud. i had a wonderful Christmas eve & i hope that your Christmas is wonderful too!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

random snippets from my thursday...

this morning i re-visited some old toys that i have not played with in a while. i got the corn popper for my first birthday, but i've always been a little scared of it. today i discovered that it is actually pretty fun. i also rode my horsie that daddy bought for me last summer during our trip to myrtle beach.

i stayed with grammy & pappy for a few hours this afternoon while mommy & daddy were working. i have seen pappy's lights from inside the house, but tonight i went outside to enjoy them up close. unfortunately, most of the pictures were blurry & i was so excited, i wouldn't stand still for many pictures. i saw the nativity, trees & candy canes. it was so exciting!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

all dressed up for church...

on sunday morning, mommy and i went to church. but i was not too exited about my church clothes.

i cried a little when mommy put on my cordouroy dress, and i had a FIT when she put my new coat on me. when i first saw the coat, i hugged it because i loved the fur collar. but when it was time to actually WEAR the coat, i had other opinions. oh well...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

lights & snow...

on friday night, we visited the charlotte motor speedway light display. we drove around the race track (and even ON the track at the end of the show!) looking at the lights in the shapes of soldiers, polar bears, santa & such. there were also fun things to do in the garages of the race track & there was a small carnival. i enjoyed looking at the pretty christmas trees & race cars. i also rode the merry go round & a pony! whew! what a GREAT night!

on saturday morning, i woke up to falling snow! it was really a very messy & wet snow, so i did not play outside for long. but it was so beautiful!